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Mick’s patience and friendly, professional manner helped build my driving confidence. I have and will definitely recommend "RIMS Driving School” and Mick to anyone wanting to learn to drive.
We had some football banter, it was a relaxed atmosphere and an enjoyable experience.

Absolutely amazing driving instructor!

Thank you for everything Mick!
Absolutely amazing driving instructor! Couldn't recommend you enough, you always gave up your time to make sure I had a lesson, even when I couldn't do our normal time slot you'd always make time for me.
I can't thank you enough for all your hard work into making me a confident driver! You're an amazing person and your jokes are great! Thank you so much. xxx

A massive thank you to Kevin from RIMS Driving School

A massive thank you to Kevin from RIMS Driving School for getting me through my driving test. I passed 1st time with only 2 faults!

I wasn't confident at all at the beginning and never thought I'd get over my nerves but kevin was really patient and calm which kept me calm!

Kevin explained everything really well and was full of praise and encouragement which really helped me to push on and pass my test.

I highly recommend Kevin to everyone!

It was a pleasure to meet you kevin and once again thank you for everything!

Kev is the absolute best instructor

Kevin Longden of Rims driving school was the absolute best driving instructor I could have hoped for. I am American and had to take my English driving test. Kev managed to teach me to drive on not only the opposite side of the car but opposite of the road the total opposite of what I've been used to as I've been driving my whole life in America and then kev taught me how to

Alan you really are the best instructor ever!

Thankyou so much Alan you really are the best instructor ever! You really kept me calm at all times. Had a great laugh! I will miss you! I really would recommend Alan everyone he's amazing!!! Thankyou again! I'll have a drink for you for getting me through my test! xx

Great driving instructor!!!!

Mick Is a great driving instructor, he helped me to gain an understanding of how the car works and how to be the most efficient driver and I would highly recommend Mick and RIMS.

I cannot thank Mick enough!

Mick is by far the best driving instructor with the best patience, silly rhymes, banter and jokes reassured me and gave me the confidence i needed. I only had 17 lessons including my test and passed with only 4 minors. Always works long silly hours to go above and beyond and put everyone before himrself. I cannot thank you enough x

I would highly recommend Mick.

Mick was extremely reliable, especially by ensuring I had a driving lesson each week that was suitable for me. He made sure every lesson had a specific focus, which allowed me to focus on my weaknesses and pursue them to become strengths. When something went wrong for me he would encourage me with the phrase “were only learning” which helped me feel comfortable when with him and want to continue even though I’d made a mistake. He’s very chatty and understanding which makes each lesson enjoyable and a good environment to learn in. I would highly recommend Mick to anyone who wishes to learn drive in the near future. I really enjoyed my driver training!
Thank you so much. x

Alan is a Fantastic instructor!

Thank you so much for getting through my test you've been a fantastic instructor! Katie

ZERO Minors!!!!

Thank you so much, couldn't have got zero minors without a great instructor!!!!!

Really good company

Very good and informative instructor, would recommend Kevin to anyone.

I passed by driving test first time with only 2 minors.

I passed by driving test first time with only 2 minors. RIMS is a great driving school with dedicated and flexible instructors, my instructor Ameen was brilliant. I enjoyed all of my lessons and I would highly recommend RIMS to anyone. 

The lessons I received were always relaxed. Ameen was very thorough and detailed with his explaining on not only how to drive but how to react to changing conditions. This helped to increase my confidence as I knew what to do in different circumstances. I enjoyed all my lessons even when they were challenging and I am very pleased with the high quality of instructing I received from Ameen. Thank you Ameen and RIMS.

The best school and instructors I have been with

Mick is the best instructor I have been with since I started learning to drive. He is very supportive and easy to get on with. He takes the time to explain mistakes and work with you on them, rather than just shout at you for making one, like a previous instructor of mine.

Mick and his school are also very accommodating and can help you rearrange or add lessons/ Mock tests whenever they can. Very friendly and easy to build rapport with.

I had a mock test and I was nervous to go in a different car and have a different instructor until I met Ameen. Same as Mick, he is Great instructor and teacher.

If you are nervous or find it hard learning to drive/ take exams, then RIMS is the driving school for you. The team make every lesson relaxed, enjoyable and educational to help youthrough the learning process.

Excellent lesson and bundle prices, as well as timing on arrival for lessons.

11/10 from me! Because they go the extra mile!!!!

Best Instructor!

Kevin has been an amazing instructor, throughout the whole of my learning journey.
Every lesson was fun and enjoyable and accompanied with a few jokes here and there, Kevin was very patient and explained everything so throughly which is what you need when your learning to drive!
I highly recommend anyone who needs an instructor to contact Kevin, you won't regret it!
Thank you for everything Kevin especially for putting up with me!!

All the best.

Michael Mcloud
Thanks for everything you've done.

Thanks for everything you've done. Quite literally changed my life. It's been a pleasure to have you be my me instructor. You made me feel comfortable in every lesson and was a delight to get to know you.

Thanks to Mick at RIMS

Thanks to Mick at RIMS I was able to pass my driving test 1st time. He supported me through my whole driver training journey and couldn't be more thankful to him with how much he's helped me.

I would definitely recommend having Alan as your Driving Instructor

I would definitely recommend having Alan as your driving instructor as he helped me greatly to pass first time. He creates a comfortable learning environment where every lesson I walk away feeling as though I've developed my skills further. The greatest compliment I can give is that his teachings made me feel more than confident on the road.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me passing the driving test in the first attempt

Abbas (Kev)

Dear Kevin
I can’t thank you enough for helping me passing the driving test in the first attempt. You are an excellent instructor and I was lucky to have my lessons with you, A very patient, understanding and supportive instructor, very keen and obsessive about your pupils getting every single step right. I will miss driving in your audi and I think I will remember your instructions every time I drive through dfs or Asda roundabouts

Best wishes


Couldn't have done this without you Kevin.

Couldn't have done this without you Kevin Longden as my instructor you have been amazing and gave me all the time and confidence I have needed through it I would highly recommend you to anyone I know wanting to do there lessons thanks again mate

Just want to say thank you to Kevin and RIMS driving school

Just want to say thank you to Kevin and RIMS driving school for giving me all the knowledge and experience to pass my test with only 2 minors. Kev is a great instructor and I couldn’t have hoped for anyone better to have my lessons with! I recommend Kev to anyone out there who is thinking about taking their driving lessons, Kev is the guy for you

I would like to thank RIMS for being a great Driving School!!!

I did my driving lesson with rims and I would like to thank them for being a great driving school and helping me to pass my test first time. I had Alan at the beginning and Mick for the last couple of months and they both were amazing teachers. I would like to Thank you both for helping me.
Thanks Cody.

I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive or reliable instructor than Mick

I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive or reliable instructor than Mick. He is patient, calm and understanding. He has taught me things I will continue to use going forward; tips which make learning to drive, and driving safely, easier. A massive thank you from me!

Thank you so much again, I really appreciate all the time and support you gave me xx

RIMS is an amazing driving school !!!!!

RIMS is an amazing driving school and allowed me to pass first time with only 2 minors. Mick made learning to drive really fun with loads of marker points and methods which definitely helped me to pass my test. I would recommend RIMS to anyone who wants to pass as quickly and easily as possible.

I have really enjoyed and appreciated all Mick’s efforts

I have really enjoyed and appreciated all Mick’s effort that he has given me whilst learning to drive with RIMS. Mick has always been able to work around my college and Work schedule as well as changing my lessons where possible to experience different weathers and times of day.His lessons were always very entertaining,using jokes and little rhymes to help learn tips and advice when doing independent driving and manoeuvres. Mick has given me all the advice possible to help me with my future driving and I would recommend him to anyone.

As far as driving schools go in Rotherham, RIMS is the best way to go!!!!

As far as driving schools go in Rotherham, RIMS is the best way to go. I had been having lessons with an instructor from another school for 5 months, and I felt that I was getting no where. They seemed to just let me make my errors without correcting them. I then contacted RIMS driving school about lessons. They were very helpful, and it was easy to book a lesson.
Compared to my other lessons, RIMS outshines them by a mile. When I made a mistake that I'd not picked up on, my instructor always made sure I knew what I do instead. It felt like teaching instead of supervising. They use reference marks on their cars so you can get used to where you should be. These are extremely useful, especially when doing manoeuvres. There are little rhymes and saying to help you remember things when on the road, making driving more enjoyable. Every lesson I felt I was improving and getting better, which was a nice change to my other instructor! To help you with reflecting on how you have done, there is also a learning journal which is emailed to you so you can view your progress. You are taught not only to drive, but to drive safely and efficiently. The price is good, with complete value for money. The lessons are taught for being less reliant on the brakes, which will help to protect your car from wear. And when you have passed your test, the instructor gives you a free lesson in your own car, as well as giving you two stick-on mirrors.
Overall, RIMS is the way to go for driving schools in Rotherham.

Well I have finally passed my test and I don't think I could have done this with any other school.

Well I have finally passed my test and I don't think I could have done this with any other school. I'm usually a person who gives up quite easily and with Mick's support I have been able to achieve a goal I have had for some time. I can't say it's been an easy ride for the both of us but with your patience and encouragement I got there in the end and at the first attempt!!!!!

Thank you for everything Mick!

Thanks to RIMS driving school and the team!

Thanks to RIMS driving school and the team, I was able to pass my driving test 2nd time around. Mick was a great instructor as he always explained things thoroughly, making even difficult concepts easy to understand, whilst making it fun along the way. Although I was initially nervous about driving, my time at RIMS has converted me into a confident driver and has allowed me to enjoy time spent behind the wheel. Thanks again Mick!

The tuition and guidance that I received was second to none

The tuition and guidance that I received was second to none, my instructor Ameen was very supportive and got the best out of me. I believe that the tuition I received was of the best quality and Ameen supported me throughout my time with him. When it came to my test I felt thoroughly prepared and passed first time. I couldn't ask for any more. Thanks Ameen.

Kelly Marie
Dont hesitate! Best by far ?

5 star!!!! If you live in Rotherham and are looking for a great service and brillant driving instuctors. DONT HESITATE you will not be dissapointed. My experience with Mick has been fantastic. He has been very friendly and warm from day 1. My confidence has grown so much behind the wheel and I cant thank him enough. I also had a thew lessons with Alan and Ameen I really can't fault anything from these guys. I PASSED today with 2 minor faults I'm over the moon, thank you so much Mick and R.I.M.S ?

Brilliant Instructor !!!!!!

What can I say about Mick apart from the fact he is brilliant!!! His calm kind nature helped me so much with my confidence in driving and every single lesson was fun. His teaching methods are fab and the little ryhmes are with me now for life. I could not have done this without him, I would recommend anyone wanting to learn to drive to go with Mick you won’t be disappointed , THANK YOU SO MUCH MICK.

This is unbelievable; I passed my driving test today.

I had some lessons a few years ago but packed them in. I had some major accidents with a family member and with a friend who had just passed her test, so I was very nervous. My theory was due to run out two days before my test. Alan worked incredibly hard to overcome my fears.... And I did passing first time with 6 minors. This means so much to me as I am now moving away to work elsewhere... Still can't believe it.!!!!

So theory and practical done in two days.

I failed my theory a couple of times. When I finally passed I found a cancellation the next day. . Alan, bless him, moved his customers over so I could take my test and I did it first time with 3 minor faults, so theory and practical done in two days. Thank you very much. Amazing!!!!

Thanks for all your help !!!!!!

Thanks for all your help !!!!!! I would highly recommend you to all my friends and family.

Highly recommend had an amazing experience!!

Would 100% recommend Alan to anyone wanting to learn how to drive I passed first time with only 2 minors after only having lessons for a short period of time. Always made my lessons enjoyable and couldn't ask for a better driving instructor. Thank you so much!!!

I would highly recommended Alan from RIMS

I would highly recommended Alan from RIMS as he help me to pass on my first time.He help me become a confident driver. He is very friendly instructor with plenty of patience and I will miss our conversation whilst on my driving lessons. Thank you Alan.

RIMS 100% A+

After over a year of driving with Alan he gave me the support and confidence to finally put in for my test and pass first time. Although I had long breaks between some lessons, even months at times! Alan was able to fit me in and support me. Today on the 13th of Feb I was able to pass my practical and move on. 100% A+ GREAT

I would like first of all thank you for everything.

I would like first of all thank you for everything you have thaught me during our lessons and I would recommend you to any body who wants to start driving. Your attitude is very positive the instructions are very easy to follow, you are very reliable and absolutely faultless thank you so much.

Ameen helped me pass first time

Ameen helped me pass first time. He is very good instructor with excellent teaching. He also helped me pass my theory test. Ameen made me confident and safe driver. Thank you very much Ameen.

First of all id like to say a big thank you to ameen

First of all id like to say a big thank you to ameen my driving instructor for putting up with me and showing me how to drive safely. We had a laugh in our lessons which made me feel very comfortable. I would defiantly recommend RIMS Driving School to anyone wanting lessons.

Ameen is a patient, supportive and brilliant driving instructor

Ameen is a patient, supportive and brilliant driving instructor who I had the pleasure of driving around on a weekly basis. Through his guidance I built my confidence at the wheel. I highly recommend Ameen!

Ameen as been a pleasure to learn to drive

Ameen as been a pleasure to learn to drive with, he is very motivational, patient and he made me feel comfortable but at the same time pushed me in the right direction. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive, he is affordable, very flexible and if it wasn't for him I would not be driving now so thank you so much.

Ameen is a Great driving instructor

Ameen is a Great driving instructor, he always makes time for you when you need him to and his teaching methods are really spot on! I would really recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Highly recommend RIMS

I Passed my driving test first time with kevin as my instructor. He was a great instructor and worked hard with me to help me to pass my test in just 4 months. I would highly recommend RIMS driving school to anyone looking for a good instructor, great prices and support as well as Free theory training!!!!!!

Highly recommend RIMS

Thanks to Kev, I passed my test today with 3 minors and would definitely reccomend this to anyone wanting any lessons.

Highly recommend RIMS!

I've PASSED my driving test TODAY with only 2 minor faults! I had lessons With Mick from Rims and I highly recommend them, they are so good... I couldn’t do my last test... as I got to the test centre the car broke down nightmare! But Mick didn’t charge me for that day and let me have 3 lessons for free to pay for the test. He is a great guy, so easy to get along with and straight to the point if He can help me pass, then he can definitely help you pass! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Great driving school and instructor

I passed my driving test today with three minors first time, which is a result of a great driving instructor and would fully recommend rims and kev himself to anybody looking for the best instructor if they were to ask.

Great instructor

I highly recommend rims I had Kevin and I have only been with him 3 week and I passed with 2 minors I am over them moving moon thank you so much

Passed First Time

Thank you so much to Kev for helping me to pass my driving test the first time around with only 4 driving faults. As Kev will tell you himself he is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to manoeuvers, which has given me a lot of confidence when I'm out driving by myself. I have a chronic illness which means I often had to rearrange lessons short notice and Kev was incredibly understanding and accommodating. He also provided me with a free motorway lesson once I'd passed my driving test.

Great instructor

I Passed my driving test first time with 5 minors, Kevin my instructor was constructive from day one and helped me not just to pass my test but to be a safe driver. I can’t thank him enough and his Audi was a really nice car to learn in.

Couldn’t have wished for such a great instructor

Thank you so much to Kevin, this guy has the patience of a saint ! I can’t thank him enough especially all the time and effort he’s put in with me ! So encouraging and like I said patients of a saint. The amount of time he went over and over things with me till I got it right and the hours he’s put in to get me passed! It’s been quite the journey to finally getting my pass! I will miss our Friday lessons and your sense of humour. See you on the road kev and thank you again

Great instructor and great driving school

Kev from rims is a great instructor who is willing to do anything he can to ensure you pass. Rims the school offers many schemes to ensure that first time pass. Highly recommend to anyone.

Amazing instructor!

I really appreciate all the help my instructor Kev has given me over these last few months, always putting in the extra effort and work to deliver quality lesson whenever best suits the pupil. Today I passed with 1 minor and I can’t thank Kev enough! Would highly recommend!

Highly recommend rims

I passed my practical test today with Kev with only 5 minor faults. Highly recommend him he’s incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and a generally awesome guy who you can always laugh with when you’re under pressure.

Excellent service!

Mick made the driving lessons so easy to follow, and with the references he uses, as well as his driving techniques it means i have had the confidence to pass first time with only 1 minor fault after only 26 hours of training! I don’t think it would’ve been as simple if it weren’t for Mick and RIMS

Highly recommend Kev

Passed my driving test with kev with 3 minors. Failed previously with another instructor 3 times but kev’s helped get me through and helped me pass in no time, really really recommend!

Highly recommend RIMS!!

Just finished my driving lessons with Mick after passing first time with 1 minor. Only had 32 lessons in total and couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. His ways of teaching couldn't be any better, he offers help and support and never lets you struggle. He never makes you feel belittled or anxious during your lessons and when you mess up keeps calm and says ‘may be next time you could do this’. I'm so thankful for everything he has done and recommend him and his team to anyone wanting to start lessons.

Great driving school!

Alan and Mick were both great driving instructors helping me through everything. They covered absolutely everything in detail and I passed first time with only 4 minor faults. Thankyou for all your help.

Great Instructor

Just passed my test thanks to Mick Kingham. I would really recommend him as he is a great teacher who gives you good advice and is really easy to get along with which made the experience much more enjoyable. I would really recommend him and by working with Mick I was able to pass my test with only 3 minors which just goes to show of how good of a teacher he is.

Mick's lessons have great structure!

I couldn’t have passed my test without Mick. After having 3 previous driving instructors and failing to pass my test, Mick’s lessons added so much structure to my driving and massively improved my confidence. His reference points make everything so much easier and he is also very nice and makes every lesson enjoyable. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Ameen made me feel comfortable and confident!

Ameen has been excellent with me. He has tought me to drive at my own pace and has a simple and methodical approach to teaching. He made me feel comfortable and confident. I passed my test with ease. Thank you Ameen.

The best instructor!!!

Mick was an absolutely amazing instructor! He had little tips and tricks to help me remember everything for my test and pass first time!!!! Would highly recommend to everyone, the nicest person ever:


I passed my driving test with Mick and can't thank him enough for his patience and persistence! Driving didn't come naturally to me at first, so my journey has had its ups and downs. Passing my test has opened so many doors for me!! I would recommend RIMS driving school to anyone who wishes to pass their test with accuracy and listen to Mick's rhymes and jokes along the way! 🙂

Very highly recommended

Mick is a superb teacher who makes it really easy and relaxing learning to drive. I have jumped from instructor to instructor and I started to think I was just unable to drive but then I found Mick. He’s always on time and taught me the easiest ways to do the manoeuvre’s. I highly recommend RIMS.

Simply the best

When I first started to learn to drive I was a nervous wreck. After meeting Mick and on my first lesson, after about 10 minutes I began to feel confident with myself. I never thought I would be here writing this testimonial saying that I had passed my test. I owe a lot to Mick because without all his calmness, professionalism, his sense of humour and his patience I wouldn't be here now. I would highly recommend Mick to anyone wishing to learn to drive.

Highly recommended! Very highly!!

Mick has been the best instructor I’ve had, he’s been nothing but patient, kind and caring and I couldn’t have gotten through my test without him and his ‘dad jokes’ if you want to pass, he’s your guy! Thank you for everything Mick!

100% recommend Rims!!!

I Passed my driving test with RIMS and I can't thank Mick enough with all the hard work he has put into me to help me pass. I had such little confidence in myself but Mick helped me with my confidence and had faith in me all the way up to the date of my test. and he even helps you after you pass. I PASSED first time with only 4 minors!! So happy with the service, the teaching techniques Mick has are so helpful and easy! Can't fault him anywhere. Thank you so much!!!

Highly recommend Mick Haughton and RIMS Driving School.

I started off with lessons with Ameen who was a great instructor however due to unforseen circumstances I had to change to Mick who helped me become a lot more confident and after just 11 lessons with Mick I passed first time with just 3 minors.
I highly recommend both Ameen and Mick who are both great and patient instructors.

A pleasure to learn how to drive

I ve started with Mick after a failure with my previous instructor..and he knew after just 1 lesson what to work on. He is kind, has patience and he is an amazing instructor. I am so happy I ve met him and thanks to him I ve past my exam!!! Don’t think I would have done it without his support and all the steps we ve been through. No exception, definitely recommend him, especially if you are afraid of driving like me.

Highly recommend, best driving instructors

Mick and kev was amazing instructors. Helped me pass first time with flying colours. They was so patient with me and got me through it. Would definitely recommend this driving school 🙂

Highly Recommend Rims

I passed my test with the best instructor, Thank you Mick. I had been through a lot of instructors and I must say the techniques Mick uses have worked best with me. I Highly recommend RIMS.

Highly Recommend Mick

I Would highly recommend Mick. He Helped me build up my confidence with driving and when we did the manoeuvres he explained everything and made it all really easy to understand! Honestly I found parallel parking to be one of the easiest manoeuvres to do. I Would recommend Mick to anyone (wouldn't recommend the jokes though)

Paulvir Sandhar
Recommend RIMS

I had Kevin at the beginning and he was a great instructor and taught me everything I needed to know about driving and always stayed patient with me even though I made the same mistakes multiple times. Mick then took over my training with a different car so I had to adapt but I have passed today. I had a great experience with RIMS.


Thanks Mick for all your help. Learning in later life is always harder than being young. Your support and guidance was fantastic, as well as being a top bloke !

Best driving experience I have ever had!!!

After having a bad experience with my first driving school I was very hesitant as to which driving school to choose next, however picking RIMS was the easiest choice down to the amazing recommendations I got from my friends and I couldn't be happier with the experience I received first of all from Kevin who really helped turn my driving around and help get rid of a lot of the bad habits I had picked up previously to then Mick who helped me perfect my driving even more and helped me gain the confidence to drive in all situations that may get thrown at me on my test. Overall I've had a really lovely experience and I would recommend them to new drivers ! you won't go wrong...

Highly recommend RIMS!!!!!

I would highly recommend this driving school for anymore regardless of the amount of experience you've received or had none.
Alan has been a superb driving instructor and had been professional all through out.
I passed on my fifth attempt after my many attempts before.
It just goes to show that if you fail and fail again. You keep on trying until you succeed. That's shows true determination and great strength.
A good sense of character too. I also personally want to thank Doug my other driving instructor,who had taken over from Alan when he wasn't available at certain times.
He taught me a great deal and other things too. I wish you all the best for the future.
Thank you both.


Many thanks to Alan for everything again buddy
And I'll recommend u to some of my pals who are wanting to take up lessons.

Thank you Mick and Kev !

Would like to thank Kev and Mick for all their support. You’ve both been amazing and I can’t thank you both enough!

Fantastic driving school!!!!

Mick is a very patient and kind instructor, he inspires confidence and is very positive. I found him to be dependable and professional. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Thank you Mick!!!

I cannot thank Mick enough for having the patience to teach me to drive! I had 3 different driving instructors before settling with RIMS and found that Micks friendly and calm attitude really helped my confidence when driving – thank you Mick, you’re a star!

Great driving instructors

My partner recommended RIMS as he passed with them a few years ago and I’m happy to say so did I.... I had Kevin, Mick then Alan and they were all amazing!! Thanks guys for all your help and support, I passed first time and felt soo comfortable and ready to drive on my own 😁😁 5*

Absolutely over the moon with passing my test thanks to Mick

I would highly recommend Mick and RIMS, amazing service and they even work hard to fit you in even at the busiest times, thank you for your help.I love Mick's teaching methods as he makes it so easy and I Learnt the best skills and techniques along the way, thank you for your time to help me pass first time!
Tia x

Best and friendly instructor I've had!

I've had three instructors previously and none have lived up to Mick's standard. Very funny yet informative on lessons. The main reason I enjoyed my lessons were because he was so level headed, honest and empathetic if I made a mistake and made sure I learnt from it and not let it knock my confidence. I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of my lessons with Rims because they never felt boring or stressful which is all down to their brilliant teaching style.

High Recommendation!

I passed my driving test with Mick Kingham as my driving instructor. The first thing that I admired about RIMS and Mick is the patience that they have whether you are brilliant driver or just starting as they are keen and extremely encouraging in aiming to improve your skills safely and efficiently. With Mick I felt no pressure whatsoever and I didn't feel judged or feel scared of making a mistake. I was always told that I am allowed to make mistakes (as long they don't pose any danger) without the interfearance of the instructor and this would introduce slowly the feeling of independence immediately. Mick spoke very clearly and has a fantastic teaching method in order to improve your driving skills and ability.

With Mick I found it extremely easy to hold a conversation and to talk about many different topics and not just on driving. He s such a down to earth guy and has a heart of gold and only wants you to succeed. His car is also very nice and easy to drive and get used to!

I started my journey with Kevin Longden at RIMS however due to unfortunate circumstances I was referred to Mick. Kevin was an absoloutely fantastic instructor and and all round amazing man who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. He used constructive feedback as well as praise no matter how easy r how challenging the task was. He is an inspiration to all and I wish him the speediest of recoveries.

Overall, RIMS driving school is an absoloutely fantastic and efficient driving school and Mick Kingham has really helped me and enabled me to complete this significant hurdle in my life. Anyone would be lucky to have Mick as an instructor and lucky to be learning with RIMS driving school.

5 star recommendation for RIMS

With the help of RIMS, I'm so happy I passed my driving test in Rotherham today! Not having anyone else who drives at home, I was nervous about learning myself but both Ameen and Mick were really patient and supportive. They gave me lots of help and taught in a style that suited me so I that feel confident on the road. I would highly recommend learning with RIMS! Thanks again Mick and Ameen! Can't wait to start driving my car!

Highly Recommend Michael and RIMS Driving School

Michael Haughton is a very good driving instructor I would highly recommend him, he has a lot a patience, he is very understanding with times and dates because of my work days. I passed first time.

Shannon Leah Hall
Brilliant Driving Instructor!

Learning to drive with Mick at RIMS has been an amazing experience, Mick is patient, funny and a brilliant teacher, he made learning to drive fun as well as academic. I passed on my third test with 3 minors. I was part trained when I started to learn with RIMS and it has made me a more confident and better driver, with easy to learn ques and phrases that make driving easier and more fun. Before I started learning with Mick driving was something I had to do and didn’t enjoy and after learning with Mick I now love driving.
I can’t thank Mick enough, always going the extra mile to help and rearrange if need be. I would recommend Mick any day, he makes you feel comfortable and at home with his amazing jokes!
Thank you so much!! Xxx

Highly recommend RIMS

Did my lessons with Mick Kingham, brilliant instructor, makes all the lessons enjoyable and fun.His reference points are amazing and help out loads. Would recommend everyone to do their lessons with RIMS. Excellent team off instructors!!

Brilliant driving school!

Rims is a great driving school with very patient and helpful instructors who are always ready to help. Both Mick and Ameen were very supportive and got me to pass my test first time. Thank you very much.

I Highly Recommend RIMS

After I was unsatisfied with my previous instructor I moved to R.I.M.S driving school. Alan was the one who helped me fix my bad habits and thanks to him I have passed my practical test on my fist attempt with just 6 minor faults. I can highly recommend Alan to everyone.

Highly Recommended

An outstanding driving school with a great instructor. Mick was very flexible on lesson times and tried to find a time that suited best as well the instructors car was always clean and tidy and was fitted with markers to help with manoeuvres such as bay parking and at the end of each session a log was completed and a copy was sent to you which helped to keep track of progress. Also, the access to Theory Test pro helped me pass my theory test. Overall a really good driving school.

Very happy with the entire experience!

Throughout the ten months of lessons I had, Mick has been very consistent. He would always stick to our schedules and every lesson and would push me forward to progress my skill level. Due to RIMS, I consisntently made progress, this was because of the various reference points and phrases I was given. In addition these reference points broke down the enitial complexity of the different manoeuvres, this acompanied with Mick giving regular advice and constructive criticism was what allowed me to ultimatly pass my test.

Many thanks to Mick and everyone at RIMS!

Mick’s the best!

Mick’s the best instructor I’ve had, I loved learning to drive with him; he explains things really well and uses rhymes and daft jokes to get you to remember things. He’s a lovely guy and also really patient, and somehow managed to deal with me when I had an anxious meltdown before my test!

Great Experience !!

Mick has been fantastic at not only teaching me how to drive, but also in giving me confidence as a driver. It’s hard to come by someone so dedicated and enthused in their work as Mick, who puts 110% into every lesson I’ve had with him. Mick not only taught me the requirements to pass, but also the requirements to go above and beyond as a driver and I would highly recommend him.

Highly recommend

Mick was a great teacher, helped me massively from start to finish and gave me the confidence I needed to pass first time! Even gave me the confidence to be disappointed with only getting 3 minors! Definitely recommend, absolutely first class as a person and instructor!

Highly Recommended

Mick is a very friendly instructor and he was more like a friend. He taught me driving techniques that are very simple and yet so effective. He was very organised and he managed his diary so well that he was always flexible and usually able to meet with my needs despite having a very busy diary.
He stuck by me and even told me off the day before my test to push me into taking responsibility for my driving. I can't thank him enough.

Highly recommend

My overall experience experience with Mick has been fantastic! I would definitely recommend! Mick was the only person that had faith in me and kept me on track. Mick is a fantastic driving instructor and never fails to crack a joke. Anyone needing to pass their test get on board with Rims !

A big thank you to Alan and RIMS

I would just like to say a big thank you to Alan for his patience and RIMS Driving School for helping me achieve my goal of passing my Driving Test first time with only 5 minor faults.
Thank you so much!

1st Class Instructor

There are lots of instructors out there teaching people to drive and they all have their own way of teaching the various manoeuvres and driving styles. I think it is important to find an instructor who can adapt their teaching style meet your needs and I that is what Mick did for me.I listened to him and adopted the "talk through" method to help me process information allowing me to plan ahead and drive safely. Mick made it fun too and of course we had the football banter! The examiner said that I planned really well and that I have a good manor and attitude to safety. I would also like to thank Mick Leeks and Ameen for their support during my driving experience with RIMS.

I could not have asked for a better instructor!

A big thank you to Alan, I could not have asked for a better instructor!
Thank you so much.

Highly recommend Alan!

I cannot recommend Alan enough! He's a good laugh and a brilliant instructor! I can't thank him enough for all his help! Your a gem Alan!

Highly Recommend RIMS

I Passed my driving test thanks to Mick from RIMS driving school. He was a reliable professional instructor who was always able to change lesson times to suit me, I would highly recommend Mick and Rims.

Dan C
Helped me pass first time!

Mick was a patient, helpful tutor whose support and advice enabled me to pass my driving test at my first attempt. Thanks for everything, Mick!

Massive thanks to Mick!

Mick is an amazing driving instructor; he has an eye for detail and ensures that you fully understand what you need to do & puts you through situations that will help improve your driving ability. I enjoyed every single lesson & have never met a sounder bloke. He is passionate about what he does & it shows in his work - He will go very far in this industry.

I would not have been able to pass without him and I'm glad I chose RIMS & met Mick.

Highly recommended

Alan made me feel comfortable the second I stepped in the car. He doesn’t get in to you and reassures you at every point and is really friendly. I could recommend RIMS even though I only had a short period of time with them so thank you.

Great instructor!

Excellent instructor Mick helped me become a great and confident driver. Always encouraging even when I was finding it hard and very friendly.

Highly recommend RIMS

I Passed my driving test with 5 minors on the 9th July after having Mick as my instructor for 47 lessons and I seriously can’t thank him enough for all the help he has put into helping me pass. Mick has always had faith in me and helped me to build my confidence massively. The reference points and rhymes he uses helped throughout my experience and I couldn’t recommend a better instructor. Thank you once again Mick.

Highly recommend RIMS!

Throughout all of my driving lessons with Mick there hasn’t been one lesson without a laugh and a joke! He is extremely patient and extremely accommodating. Always willing to go the extra mile and make sure I always had a lesson. My confidence has grown immensely and it’s all thanks to Mick. I highly recommend RIMS driving school and Mick as an instructor !!

Thankyou Mick!

RIMS driving school was the obvious choice for me as both my brothers passed their test with Mick. I knew learning to drive would be a challenge but my confidence improved with each lesson and Mick always had plenty of patience and encouragement. His use of reference points and rhymes made learning to drive an easier, more enjoyable experience.

B Shrestha
I passed

Alan Booth was a friendly and patient instructor. Easy to get along with, he put me ease. He has taught from scratch to passing my test in just a few months. A good person and very flexible with lesson timings to fit around my family. I would highly recommend him.

Highly Recommend RIMS

My Experience with Rims has been fantastic, from start to finish, my instructor has been Patient, cool, calm and collective. 5 stars rating would defo advise if your thinking of learning to drive choose rims I passed and never thought I could.

Would highly recommend Alan! Great instructor!

I couldn’t recommend Alan highly enough! He was a great instructor and learnt me a lot but also has a laugh. Best instructor I’ve had. I will miss you Alan! Passed first time with 4 minors, so I 100% recommend Alan and RIMS! Thank you for everything Alan!!

The Best driving school!

I couldn't thank and recommend Mick enough for helping me pass my test and becoming a confident new driver on the road!! His practices, methods and jokes are like none other creating a relaxed and calm environment. His kind manner and patience helped me to ensure I had full knowledge and awareness. Well deserving of a 5 star rating!!

Excellent driving instructor!

Mick is an experienced driving instructor that was able to guide me into passing first time with his expert advise. He was punctual and very patient with me. He thoroughly explained where I made mistakes by drawing it out for me to understand. Thank you for making my experience so smooth and comfortable!

Amazing service, highly recommend! x

I managed to pass my test first time with the help of Mike and his expertise, even though I had long breaks from driving due to other commitments, he made sure I didn’t give up and I kept at it. He is very patient and makes you feel comfortable behind the wheel. When making a mistake, he thoroughly explains what you should do next time instead of getting angry. He’s punctual, kind and funny which makes learning to drive enjoyable for you. Would definitely recommend!! x

M Noroozizadeh
The Best Instructor!

My structor is Learning very good and I do so happy with RIMS

Mick Haughton has been a fantastic instructor

Mick is patient and a good laugh which not only relieves the pressure of driving, but made every lesson fun.

Ive had other instructors but his methods of teaching far surpassed the others allowing me to quickly pass first time with only 2 minors.

He has even sometimes let me have 2 hour lessons for the price of one, all because he had a spare hour afterwards.

Hes a really skilled instructor and good bloke who loves his work that I would highly reccommend.

Highly Recommend RIMS

Really enjoyable experience, can't recommend enough. My Instructor was really supportive and encouraging, and gave me all the confidence I needed. Amazing guy! Thanx

Subhan Hussain
I Really recommend Mick Haughton

I’ve been with Mick since the start and he has taken me from hardly knowing how to drive to passing first time with 1 minor. Mick really does nail every aspect of driving until perfection which really helped me in my driving test. I really recommend RIMS to anyone as they are provide a professional yet easygoing/fun driving experience whilst you do your learning.

Highly recommend RIMS

Having my brother passed with RIMS, I knew I would have to follow in his footsteps, I decided to go with RIMS due to my brothers success. I was not disappointed as the success was achieved also by me due to my instructor Mick being so supportive through my learning process.

Great Instructor!

Thanks Alan for all of your help. RIMS Driving School is the best. Some of my mates are always complaining about their instructors so I have told them to change to RIMS as they will not be disappointed!
Thanks again Alan.

Highly recommend

I would like to thank Mick a lot as he helped me pass first time. Each lesson I gained more confidence due to his encouragement and patience. Highly recommend.

Highly recommend RIMS driving school!

I’ve had an extremely positive experience whilst learning to drive with RIMS driving school! The instructors are very patient and make you feel very relaxed and comfortable in what can seem a quite daunting experience. I left every lesson with a smile on my face and feeling like I had achieved something that day, I would highly recommend to anybody who is starting their driving journey!

Best instructor I had - Michael from RIMS

Michael was a brilliant instructor and an all round nice person. I had a few instructors before Michael and he was by far the best I had. Michael is very knowledgeable and experienced, and will always congratulate you when you do things well. He will both help you pass your test and become a good driver moving forward, I will be sure to recommend Michael wherever I can

Highly Recommend RIMS

Thank you for everything Mick!
Absolutely amazing driving instructor! Couldn't recommend you enough, you always gave up your time and incredible patience to help guide me to into being a successful driver and even tho it took my 5 times to pass, you finally got me through it! I can't thank you enough for all your hard work into making me a confident driver! You're an amazing person and your jokes are great! Thank you so much.

Alan worked really hard and I can't thank him enough!

Alan worked really hard to help me understand how all of the different types of roundabouts work. It took me a couple of attempts to pass my test but I did so with only 3 minor faults and it is the best Xmas present ever!
Thank you so much Alan.

Highly Recommend RIMS

I have been with other 3 instructors before, made the examen 2 times and failed. I've been blessed when my hope was lost with Mick Kingham, he understood me and explained very carefully in a way to understand( being from another country), patient and unconditionally support . I just not had only an instructor I had a friend and evrething you can ask for and not finding somewhere else. I am more than grateful. Bless you .

Highly recommend RIMS

I can’t thank mick enough for his help, I was a really nervous driver and he helped me through it all. Had the best experience and will recommend him to anyone such a fun instructor made you feel comfortable as soon as I got in the car which I think is so important to be able to learn and pass.

Recommend RIMS

Really enjoyed my time, Mick was a great instructor and really helped me when I needed it , would highly recommended

Highly recommend RIMS

I had a fantastic experience with Mick he made me feel comfortable and confident in my driving giving me good tips and tricks to remember. He made the lessons more enjoyable than stressful!

Kyle Warrington
Highly recommend Alan and RIMS Driving School!

Perfect lessons, perfect experience. The driving instructor helped me pass my theory and practical test first time. Would recommend Alan and RIMS to anybody.

Very Highly Recommend R.I.M.S

Passed 1st Time. A very good motoring school with a good set up from start to finish. I was provided with aid and help throughout, no matter how stupid I thought the question was and no matter if I had asked the question several times before. All you need to do is listen and follow their instructions and you can’t go wrong. Everyone I spoke with were very down to Earth and very easy going and I felt completely at ease since the first time I met my Instructor and sat in the drivers seat. 10 out of 10. I really can’t give enough praise to Rotherham’s Best Motoring School.

A big thanks to Micheal!!

Mick Haughton has been the best instructor! A really nice and genuine guy and a calm, patient, chatty and generally all round great instructor. We had so many laughs on every lesson! He always went the extra mile (no pun intended) to accommodate for lessons and to focus on specific areas I felt I needed to improve on. I passed within 4 months of learning! Would highly recommend!

Highly Reccomend RIMS

I would like to thank Mick haughton for getting me on the road. A phenomenal instructor and great guy, always kind and patient whilst I was learning to drive. Helped me gain my confidence on the road. Highly recommend RIMS and Mick, I passed on 09/01/2020.

Great Guy!

Mick is not only a great instructor but a genuinely great guy too. He had patience when I was throwing a paddy as well as genuine delight when I finally passed. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. Hopefully you’re on another passing streak Mick?!

Great driving school!!

I spent a year and a half having lessons and had two instructors in that time, both micks are very helpful and make you feel at ease. I also had a trainnee instructor sit in on a couple of lessons which was a good insight into driving. Very happy

Sent from my iPad

Highly recommend Mick Kingham

Had several instructors prior to him but none of them could get me up to test standard. Mick boosted my confidence and was always so helpful. He gave me phrases and rhymes to get into my head as reminders which helped my driving. My only regret is not learning with Mick sooner. Not only is he a fantastic instructor but he is so understanding and such a nice person to speak to! If you want to pass your driving asap get Mick K. He really is an asset to RIMS Driving School. Thanks Mick !

Highly recommend RIMS

Through out my experience with RIMS I have gain a lot of knowledge in driving.from Driving safe and also learning the roads laws.

I’m so happy I had Mick to coach me

After starting out with Kevin and having a really promising start, I unfortunately had to stop driving for health reasons. When i was ready to start driving again I chose to go with another instructor, this did not work out as planned and I decided to come back to RIMS. Due to Kevin's personal circumstances he could not continue my instruction, he passed me on to Mick who has been a god send. Mick has grown my confidence immensely over the past month or so. He is an excellent teacher with lots of handy tips and tricks to help to remember manoeuvres and how to navigate the tricky parts of driving. I’m so happy I had Mick to coach me into a much more confident driver and Kevin who gave me a terrific start. Thank you RIMS!!

Sent from my iPad

Amazing Experience with Alan!

I never thought I'd be able to pass a driving test when I first started driving but thanks to Allan and his amazing instructoring I was able to pass my driving test first try. Couldn't recommend Rims and Alan enough.

Alan really helped me!

Alan helped me understand the complicated roundabout system in Rotherham as I lived near Doncaster. I passed my theory first time with theory pro but must admit it took 3 attempts at my practical got the the greatest Xmas present when I passed Christmas Eve morning!!! Thanks Alan for your patience and saving me more than once on those roundabouts.

Mick has helped me through this entire journey!

Mick has helped me through this entire journey! He has taught me everything I needed to know about driving and how to read the road. I've have also worked with other members from Mick’s team which taught me how it would be on the test day and they have also helped me overcome my nerves and build my confidence.
Thank you so much Mick.

I can not fault the great service.

I can not fault the service. A friend recommended RIMS after I failed to receive replies from a few other companies. Mick phoned back immediately and was able to set me up with an instructor the same week. Alan was incredibly friendly, patient and made you feel at ease whilst driving even though I was incredibly nervous to begin with. He made sure to check understanding on many aspects of driving so that I knew the importance and reason behind them, and never failed to spot a real time learning experience! Lifelong lessons learned!
Thank you so much Alan.

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