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About Kevin
My name is Kevin Longden , I’ve been a driving instructor since August 2013 and in that time I’ve gained a reputation as a driving instructor who doesn’t leave a stone unturned. I don’t just teach the correct and safe ways of driving I also teach my pupils to do things wrong, I do this so they know how to correct their mistakes without them going into panic mode.


I’ve found this helps so when on test if they do make a mistake they know how to rectify it without panicking for example being in wrong lanes on roundabouts, how to adjust manoeuvres if not going to plan and how to change a potential dangerous situation into a safe one. I take great pride on my pass rates especially my zero driving fault passes, as instructors we all know for a candidate to get a pass without getting any driving faults are few and far between, in the time I’ve been doing this job I’ve had 11.


I’m very patient and I teach my pupils to their pace not mine if they aren’t ready to move on to the next stage I won’t push them I want them to be confident in what they are doing before we move on but if they are confident and pick things up quickly I’ll move them on to the next stage as I find they can get bored if we do the same thing over and over especially if they are good.


I take driving serious but I also like to make it fun too so I love to create a fun atmosphere. This I feel helps to relax pupils and if they are relaxed it makes their lessons more enjoyable so when their lesson comes to an end they feel they have achieved something new and that they are improving on every lesson and cannot wait for the next one.
Under The Hood

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